Individual Lessons in 3D graphics, 3D Max and CINEMA4D

I teach 3D graphics, 3D Max, and CINEMA4D individually, starting at any level and age–no secrets, no restrictions.

1) Modelling

2) Texturing

3) Lighting

4) Rendering

5 ) Animation

All you need for architectural visualization, visualization stands, small architectural forms, interiors and exteriors. I have developed my own system of teaching, which can be easily understood even by children. My lessons are specially selected for your needs­–no nonsense, and nothing irrelevant. At the end of training you will have a huge library with 3D models, textures, and more, which will help you in working with architectural visualization. You can see examples of my work on my website (

Lessons can be taught remotely via SKYPE and Teamviewer.
Any questions? Ask them here and now!

PS: Many people ask questions about learning CINEMA4D–namely whether it is possible to contact me if your focus is not strictly architectural, or if your knowledge of the program is only at the elementary level (or even at zero!). The specialization does not matter–you need skills with these programs, and I can help you learn them. If you already have some knowledge of the above programs and wish to improve your skills in areas such as rendering or modeling, I can do this as well. My courses include both complex simulation modeling, NURBS curves, sweeping, setting materials, modifiers, dynamics, setting different types of animation , and more.



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